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Our Inspiration

Natural beauty is boundless on Sylt with it’s sun-kissed meadows, majestic cliffs, and the allure of the sea. Jet-setters, celebrities and travel aficionados from around the world covet the beauty of its sandy beaches and indulge in its sophisticated tranquility.

Dining on Sylt embodies the same natural elegance, from beach bistros to haute cuisine. Sylt’s visitors truly experience 'la dolce vita' - the good life - from lounging on its gorgeous white, sandy beaches to enjoying the best in golf, polo, surfing, sailing, theater and the arts. Sylt is considered the Hamptons or Nantucket of Europe and embodies elegance in its truest form - yet with a style uniquely its own.


The Sylt lifestyle is the inspiration for the SYLTBAR collection. Sylt truly offers the best of the best, and that is the standard of quality we use. Just as the island is a collection of the best things in life, SYLTBAR is a collection of the finest products, artfully packaged and imported directly from the producers. In this way, we offer exclusive, limited production items of the highest quality.

Our mission is to bring you the world's finest products - whose quality and purity redefine their categories. Just imagine an elegant and pure Prosecco that can transport you to a sun-drenched Italian terrace overlooking the shimmering sea.

The right pronunciation of the brand is "Zut·bar"!

SYLTBAR Founders

Claus was born in Hamburg, close to Sylt. He discovered this magnificent island during his childhood and continue to enjoy it’s beauty.
As an avid golfer and he played tournaments on Sylt and represented Germany around the world giving him the opportunity to explore all types of gourmet cuisines. That’s how he fell in love with Italian cuisine.

Regina was born in Hamburg and grew up in Munich. Italy is close by, so it's no surprise that Regina fell in love with Italy and Italian cuisine.
Regina has always been interested in Fashion and therefore has a deep understanding of sophisticated design. Her sense of style reflects in the carefully selected and artfully designed packaging for SYLTBAR.

A beautiful partnership

Claus and Regina both share a distinct love for Italy. In 2008, they married near Siena in Tuscany. Their work led them to visit Miami and were immediately drawn to the city. When Regina and Claus moved to Miami Beach, they brought along SYLTBAR to the Sunshine State. They’ve worked tirelessly to bring SYLTBAR’s premium products to customers across the United States.