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Frequently Asked Questions

SYLTBAR Sparkling

  1. Why was SYLTBAR created?

    SYLTBAR was created to bring consumers premium quality Prosecco at non-premium prices. There are so many different types of cheap Prosecco available right now that is filled with added sulfites - for extended shelf life and added sugar - for taste. SYLTBAR was created to give you a high-quality Prosecco that you can drink every day. There is no special occasion needed to enjoy SYLTBAR.

  2. What’s the difference between the Prosecco and Sparkling Rosé?

    SYLTBAR Prosecco is made from 100% Glera grapes and the Sparkling Rosé is made from 100% Merlot grapes. The type of grape used changes determines the resulting flavor of our sparkling products.

    By Italian Law, Prosecco has to contain at least 85% Glera Grape to be labeled as Prosecco so many other Proseccos only contain 85% Glera Grape with a mix of cheaper grapes. SYLTBAR uses 100% Glera Grape.Many sparkling Rosés have a Pinot Noir Grape blend. SYLTBAR uses 100% Merlot what is very seldom because Merlot has less acidity. A Sparkling Rosé never can be a Prosecco.

  3. What difference does a 4-month fermentation process make?

    The secondary fermentation process for SYLTBAR Sparkling Wine products takes up to 4 months, which is the optimal amount of time to ensure only fruit sugars are left. The end result is a naturally produced Prosecco and Sparkling Rosé that has no added sugars and no added sulfites.

    There are only 1.5 grams of Carbs in a 6 oz glass (compared to an average of 5 grams) and 66ppm Sulfites in a 6 oz glass (compared to an average of 140ppm).

  4. Which stores can I purchase your product at?

    We are currently available at stores in select states Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada, Indiana, New York, Texas, California, and Hawaii. Use our Store Locator to find a retailer near you. Don’t see your favorite shop listed, contact us and tell us where you want to see SYLTBAR products.

  5. Which restaurants are you currently in?

    We are currently available at stores in select states Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada, Indiana, New York, Texas, California, and Hawaii. Use our Store Locator to find a retailer near you. Don’t see your favorite shop listed, contact us and tell us where you want to see SYLTBAR products.

  6. Which restaurants are you currently in?

    Check out our list of restaurants and stop by our favorite spots. Don’t just order any Prosecco in at a restaurant, ask for Syltbar.

  7. How many calories are in a glass?

    There are only 49 calories per 6 oz glass of our Prosecco and 63 calories in our 6 oz glass of Sparkling Rosé. That’s almost half or sometimes only 1/3 the calories compared to other Proseccos, Champagne, Cava and other bubbly's because of the added sugar..

  8. What’s the alcohol content of your products?

    Despite the limited number of calories in SYLTBAR products, the alcohol content is 11.5% in both the Syltbar Prosecco and Syltbar Sparkling Rosé, comparable to sparkling wines with more calories.

  9. Do you offer bulk discounts for weddings or events?

    We offer bulk discounts for order of 5 cases of 12 bottles or more. Please ensure that your venue and caterer allows you to provide your own sparkling wine. Bulk orders cannot be returned. Tell us about your event through the contact form and we’ll get in touch.

  10. How long has SYLTBAR been available in the US?

    After 25 years of success in Germany, we launched SYLTBAR in the US in 2010.

  11. I opened a bottle and it was spoiled. How can I get a replacement?

    Please write to us at info@syltbar.com for additional information and steps for getting a replacement.

  12. I was told that my order could not be verified because my credit card information did not math. I know that this is my correct address. Can you still process my order?

    Due to our strict verification policy, which is in place due to a high rate of fraud for certain products, if we cannot verify that all your information is correct we cannot arrange for your delivery. You will either have to contact your credit card company and have them rectify the situation or provide us with another credit card to be used for purchase. If all information is verified and satisfactory to our credit processing department, your order will then be processed.

    Please note that we utilize a technology-based service to approve transactions. We apologize for the inconvenience caused in the event that one of our customer service representatives contacts you because your order is “flagged” as a potential unauthorized or fraudulent transaction. It may be just a matter of your transaction triggering an anti-fraud alert to us. We value your patronage and respectfully request that you allow our customer service to inquire further with you for additional information that will rectify the anti-fraud concern. We hope that you understand that the process we employ helps reduce fraud and allows us to keep prices competitive for all customers.

  13. May I place an order by phone?

    Typically, all orders must be placed through our website. However, if you are sending an order more than 6 people or have a business/corporate gift order consisting of 12 bottles or more, please email us at: info@syltbar.com.

  14. How do I receive information about special promotions?

    In order to do this, please scroll down to the bottom of the home page at www.syltbar.com and enter your email to receive our newsletter. You may only sign up to receive promotional e-mails if you are at least 21 years old. Accordingly, if you sign up to receive e-mails from SYLTBAR, you are affirming that you are at least 21 years old.


  1. Why am I getting billed by The Wine Care Group, Inc.?

    SYLTBAR Sparkling products ship directly from The Wine Care Group, Inc. 6475 E Pacific Coast Hwy 206 Long Beach, CA 90803 due to U.S. Alcohol Law.

  2. How will I know if my order (gift) has been delivered?

    An order confirmation email with a tracking number will be sent to you after your order has been processed, packaged and sent for delivery. If you click on the tracking number, it will take you to a webpage where you can see if it was delivered or not. You can also sign up for email notification at this site.

  3. Which carrier do you use?

    SYLTBAR ships via UPS and FedEx. SYLTBAR Prosecco products ship via UPS and SYLTBAR Gifts and Accessories ship via FedEx. Once you receive your tracking number, you can track the location of your package at the links listed below. For questions regarding your package once it has shipped, please contact the shipping service directly. Be sure to have your tracking information ready.

    Service FedEx UPS
    Track Package Fedex.com Ups.com
    Customer Service Fedex.com/customersupport/
  4. Why do I have to sign for my package?

    By United States Law, you must be at least 21 years of age to purchase wine, therefore, an adult signature is required on delivery.

  5. What do you charge for delivery?

    The final delivery charge depends on many factors, such as: the weight of and number of bottles, the destination address, the shipping option you choose. The delivery cost includes surcharges for Adult Signature, Home Delivery, Schedule Delivery and any fuel surcharges charged by the delivery company at the time of the order.

  6. Will my gift be delayed during inclement weather?

    Weather delays may cause road closures or other logistical difficulties. Unfortunately, delays during inclement weather are out of our control. We apologize for the inconvenience that these delays may cause.

  7. Do you ship internationally?

    We currently do not offer international shipping.

  8. Do you offer a rush service?

    We offer expedited shipping to select locations. To offer the fairest rates, they are calculated at checkout based on your location. Orders must be placed by 5:00PM the previous day.

  9. Can I cancel my order?

    Yes, you can cancel your order in 24 Hours.

  10. What is your refund policy?

    Due to health and safety regulations, we can NOTs accept returns.

  11. What if the merchandise is damaged in the shipping process?

    We take great care to ensure that your product arrives undamaged. However, accidents do occur. If you believe your shipment is damaged, please contact info@syltbar.com immediately so that we can determine an appropriate solution. We may request that you return the damaged product to us or provide us with a photo of the damage so that we can determine how to avoid issues of a similar nature in the future.

    Due to applicable laws and regulations governing return of alcoholic products, we cannot accept any returns of product (except damage caused by the shipper).

  12. What happens if no one is available to accept the SYLTBAR delivery?

    Up to three attempts will be made to deliver your order. A door tag provided by the delivery company with all pertinent information will be adhered to the recipient’s mailbox or door after each failed delivery attempt. The recipient may contact the delivery company at any time using the tracking number set forth on your delivery confirmation e-mail to schedule alternate delivery or locate pick-up locations. If the third attempt has failed, your order will be held at the delivery company in accordance with the terms of the delivery company's policies. If the order has not been retrieved within those 5 days, then the package will be returned to us and you will be responsible for any additional delivery charges. We strongly recommend using a business address for your delivery as this may facilitate delivery because someone 21 years of age or older must be present to sign for the order delivery.

  13. Why was my package returned to the shipper?

    Packages that are damaged in shipment will be returned to the shipper. When this happens, we will send out a new shipment containing the item(s) ordered and you will not be charged for this additional shipment.

    Packages can also be returned to the shipper for other reasons which will incur additional charges or affect the refund amount if the package is restocked. When a package is returned to the shipper because the address was entered incorrectly, a refund will be issued to the credit card used to make the original payment, less the cost of shipping to the original destination as well as back to the shipper. The amount deducted from your refund will be based on the original method of shipping chosen. For example, if the shipping charge is $15.00, the amount refunded will be less $30.00. An additional charge can occur if the cost of the product is less than the total amount of shipping fees. This same refund/fee structure will also apply to packages that are returned to the shipper because the recipient had this held at a local FedEx office and failed to collect the package in time or if delivery was not made after 3 attempts by FedEx. If the package is not restocked, but is reshipped, their will be an additional charge to reship the product and a charge for the return shipment as well as the new shipment out will be made against the purchaser's credit card.

    Due to the personal nature of engraved products, these items are non-refundable. We will contact the purchaser of the engraved gift and arrange to have this reshipped. Again, the fee charged for this reshipment will include the cost of the new shipment as well as the cost of the shipment back to our retail partner.

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