The Champagne Supernova

The Champagne Supernova

7th Feb 2020

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I haven’t been doing many sponsored posts lately. First, because it’s time consuming (I’m a part time lawyer and a full time mom/ wife/ house manager), and second because I hate feeling like I’m always trying to sell something to my readers. (I’m also busy trying to get the website for Prayer Pals off the ground, and that’s been a beast in itself.) Bloggers routinely get approached by brands wanting exposure in exchange for product or payment, and in 99% of cases, I politely decline. So when the owner of Italian-based SYLTBAR approached me about trying their wines, I was initially uninterested until they told me about how little sulfites are in the wines and how they are low in calories without compromising the taste. So I decided to try it and GUYS GUYS GUYS I legitimately love it. Love. I started with the Mrs. and Mr. SYLTBAR prosecco and sparkling rose duo and I’m serious, they were so good.


SYLTBAR is low on sulfites and sugar, vegan, and has been certified by the University of Miami’s Diabetes Research Institute to contain the lowest amount of sugar compared to 80 other sparkling wines. THIS IS, HAND TO MY HEART, ONE OF THE BEST TASTING PROSECCOS I’VE EVER HAD.

I enjoyed pairing my Mr. SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco (49 calories per glass) with seafood and appetizers. The Mrs. SYLTBAR Sparking Rose (63 calories per glass) is a perfect complement to oysters and white fish carpaccio. These make great birthday gifts, wedding and shower gifts, housewarming presents, or just a way to treat yourself and indulge in some self care.

You can find SYLTBAR at Total Wine, Whole Foods, and independent wine and liquor stores. It you travel to Florida’s west coast, I’ve also spotted it at Scarpa’s in Boca Grande and Bern’s in Tampa 


The Champagne Supernova and SYLTBAR