Happy Heathy Holidays

Happy Heathy Holidays

25th Dec 2019

Dear SYLTBAR lovers, 

while you won’t find us in the kitchen roasting a turkey for Thanksgiving (you wouldn’t want us to, we are horrible cooks ), we like to use this time of the year to reflect on what we are grateful for.

You know us, you know that SYLTBAR, is our whole world. We find our self thinking about how quickly time goes by. We usually spend this holiday doing SYLTBAR Tastings for 9 years at our value customers. But this year, Mr and Mrs SYLTBAR taking a love trip. 

As our time with SYLTBAR we are wonder, “have we been present enough?” Entrepreneur often feel guilty about compromising. The truth is, you can never win. But looking back, we don’t remember missing something really important. What stands out is our value time we have spend together.

We are grateful for the business we have built alongside with your amazing support. Together, we’ve created a company culture that’s inclusive, respectful, and absent of hierarchy. We’re honest and authentic with each other, and with our customers.

We develop a Brand over all the years which we love, but also our team of people. We love working with you.  We feel settled in the US, both at work and in life, and we are not longer afraid to be us. After all of these years, we are finally home. Wherever your path takes you, we hope it leads you home as well— whatever that may mean for you.


Mr and Mrs SYLTBAR 

Happy Healthy Holidays with SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco