​Mother’s Day has to be celebrated with SYLTBAR Sparkling Rose

​Mother’s Day has to be celebrated with SYLTBAR Sparkling Rose

11th May 2020

May is a big month for SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco and SYLTBAR Sparkling Rose: Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Weddings, Spring Birthdays and by the way Mrs SYLTBAR’s Birthday is in May too.

Mums are amazing aren’t they ? Who else would do your washing, cooking every day and not only for a delicious Sunday dinner ? Who picks you up every time you fall, being a constant shoulder to cry on and and still worrying long after you’ve grown up and left home?

Our wonderful mums deserve a day of celebration and recognition in order to thank her for all she's done for us. We have been thinking long time about the perfect gift to make her smile. Flowers and sweets are a lovely treat for sure, but for us as a SYLTBAR Insider, a perfect gift is a mom-worthy SYLTBAR bottle.

We talked to a few SYLTBAR wine customers to see what kind of delicious bottles they're giving their mothers in order to inspire some ideas for you ! Bubbly Mrs SYLTBAR Rosé and Mr SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco seem to be very popular picks !

Mother’s Day has to be celebrated with SYLTBAR  Sparkling Rose

If Mom enjoy breakfast in bed

To start a day with Mrs SYLTBAR our Sparkling Rosehttps://www.syltbar.com/mrs-syltbar-sparkling-rose/

is the perfect Mother's Day gift. Mrs SYLTBAR Sparkling Rose reminds us of toasts for special celebrations, and I would love to toast my mom on her special day to thank for all what she has done for me. Mrs SYLTBAR goes with fresh fruits, or some homemade Strawberry, Apple, Banana Müsli. The 100% Merlot grapes offer this Sparkling Rose a robust, round flavor which is delicious to the last drop. As with all SYLTBAR products, there is no added sugar, sulfites, or color. It’s all natural, vegan, and best of all,only 63 calories by the glass. Its taste is elegant, complex, fresh, fruity, with slight notes of pomegranate, petals of dog rose, fresh citrus and lychee. It is so delightful to start Mother’s Day like this. The ideal serving temperature is 45-49 °F.

If Mom loves cooking:

If mom enjoys cooking we recommend Mr SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco https://www.syltbar.com/mr-syltbar-premium-prosecco/

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to enjoy Mr which contains only 49 calories per glass. We can’t think of a reason you shouldn’t enjoy a glass every day. Flavors of pear, golden apple, white peach and lemon. Its

bubbles are delightful, well-balanced, clean, clear, crisp and refreshing.

Enjoy Mr in a white wine glass to enhance the flavor. The ideal serving temperature is 45-49 F.

Since our Mom spends a lot of time in the kitchen, it is a perfect Prosecco while she is cooking. A sip for her and a splash for the sauce makes it perfect. Not only for Sunday’s we call Mr SYLTBAR your Happy Healhty Daily Juice.

If Mom love celebrating:

If your mom loves to invite family and friends when they are in town! Then she will love our Cabernet Franc called Cashmere. https://www.syltbar.com/syltbar-cabernet-franc-2017-cashmere/

This is a perfect match for all family members or friends because of an intense full bodied red wine, harmonious with round tannins. As luxurious as cashmere feels on our skin, this is how our Cabernet Franc tastes. So soft, you don’t want to miss even one little drop of this luxurious red wine, that’s rare to find. Created with 100% Carmènere Grape from Friuli this variety is near impossible to find due to its variety’s challenging growth and production. Serve it at 68-71.6 °F. It only contains125 calories per 6 oz glass(Avg. calorie count by glucose level) SYLTBAR.com. Mothers should be celebrating special occasions—or just celebrating life in general. Natural wine and food are so important in life. There is a saying “ You are what you eat and drink. “

If Mom has a laid back lifestyle:

When your mom loves white wine, we especially highly recommend our SYLTBAR Pinot Grigio Ramato https://www.syltbar.com/syltbar-original-pinot-grigio-ramato-2018-junior/

It is known for its traditionally 70's style by leaving the skin on for one night during maceration. This is not only changing the color to beautiful apricot but the wine also has much more character compared to the Pinot Grigio’s we are used to. This young wine also offers much more decisive and evolved aromatic notes which is very unusual. The original Pinot Grigio Ramato is very soft and velvety with low acidity and full - bodied. Serve it best at 50-53.6 °F. It only contains 98 calories per 6 oz glass(Avg. calorie count by glucose level)

If Mom wants to try something new:

In this case you should recommend our SYLTBAR Friulano
to her which is the Italian Sauvignon Blanc. Its nickname is Silk and unlike the Pinot Grigio and the Chardonnay, Friulano is an uncommon wine and rare to be found in the United States. It’s named Silk because it is elegant and noble, for sophisticated wine drinkers who appreciate quality taste and identify themselves to be a real white wine lover. If this sounds like you, you’ll love our SYLTBAR Friulano white wine.

This white wine is dry, fresh and elegant, with low acidity, balanced by a pleasing roundness and a good structure. Persistent, with a slight aftertaste of almonds and hints of glazed dried fruits, Silk is so delicate and fragrant. Best serve at 50-53.6 °F. It only contains 125 calories per 6 oz glass (Avg. calorie count by glucose level.).

For today’s Mother’s Day we would like to surprise her not only with wine but also by sending a personal note.

Here are our recommendations. Some of the ideas cannot be realized this year any more but for sure it will help you to plan next year to surprise your Mom in a different way.

Personalized Photo Book

Capture dozens of photos of the whole life with your Mom and share them with our parents in a photo music slide show and enjoy watching and listening together.We know that these photos will bring back joy not only for Mother’s Day, it will be a nice memory which will last much longer than fresh flowers. You also can put together a photo collage instead of the video slide if your Mom can’t handle a lap top. You can select the best photos which feature your mom and you the best possible way. A hardcover photo book can also be a solution. Show her with these pictures from the past that you absolutely love her. This present will remain forever.

Special “US” Day

Right now it might not be realistic because of the CV, but for sure it is a great idea for the next Mother’s Day. Life was so busy these days prior to the CV and it’s rarely just the two of you. When we were growing up spending a lot of time with our mothers, we were going shopping in the mall, going out together for walks in the park, or just doing some errands. One Mother’s Day, you can decide to block off the entire day for the two of you and then perhaps you start off that special day with a wonderful breakfast together in bed. Followed by a mani/pedis in the late morning and then enjoy a nice lunch together at Carpaccio Bal Harbour https://carpaccioatbalharbour.com/ which is a SYLTBAR customer.

After that you start shopping spree at the most beautiful Bal HarbourMall. The best part of it will be that you just spend time together all day long. This experience will stick in your memory forever. Switch off the mobile phone and other people, it is just you and your Mom. You can finish the day with a romantic outside sitting dinner reflecting the day. Our favorite place is Café Roval https://www.caferoval.com/ There you will be having uninterrupted lively conversations with the most important woman in your life, you MOM.

Family Meal

Many mothers say that they have never been happier when her husbands, children, and grandchildren are gathered around her dining room table. For sure it is not possible this year anymore, but for next year it will then be even more special. Next Mother’s Day, you can decide to give it to her as a surprise. You can create a Lunch menu of what she loves most, decorating the table in a special way in your home and invite the whole family. Just tell her that you will pick her up on Mother’s Day and then drive her to your home. Make sure the whole family will already be there expecting your mom. She will for sure be surprised and will enjoy this special family time without having to work but only capturing the moments with her beloved ones. There’s no better occasion to give her that than on Mother’s Day, for sure you can do it next year.

Relaxing Day Trip

How about if you plan a day trip to another city. Every mom is dreaming of traveling with her child. How incredible would it be to celebrate Mother’s Day with her in one of her favorite cities with you ? Maybe you are not quite at the stage of life when you can offer her that, but you can manage a day trip to Palm Beach, Naples or Islamorada. There’s nothing like taking in the sun, as well as delicious food and SYLTBAR wine https://www.syltbar.com/to drink for example at a beautiful place on the beach.

Flowers, Clothing, or a Piece of Art

Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to get together to celebrate Mother’s Day like in these days. Especially now you can search online to find the perfect gift for your Mom. For example you can choose a bouquet of sunflowers which brings sunshine in her life or order a case of SYLTBAR Mix Box https://www.syltbar.com/syltbar-mix-box/ so she has a chance to get to know each SYLTBAR wine and then decide which one will be her favorite.

Another year you can order our SYLTBAR soy candles couplehttps://www.syltbar.com/syltbar-soy-candle-couple/The Soy Candles are the perfect gift for your Mom. This gift set includes one full-sized SYLTBAR Hope Candle (Pine and Musk scent) andone full-sized SYLTBAR BelieveCandle (Lemongrass and verbena) candle, individually gift-wrapped in an organza bag. It is 100% all-natural soy, dye free wax

100% cotton core, lead-free wicks (non-toxic, non-carcinogenic). The candles are Hand-poured and eco-friendly. The 10.5 oz candle burns clean up to 80 hours and is produced in the USA. When Mom will light the SYLTBAR candle she will remember you and the scent of the candle will fill her living room with you which makes her feel very special. Moms always loved receiving something which they liked, and especially appreciated the thought which you have put into each gift.

How do you celebrate your mother on Mother’s Day? We hope with SYLTBAR.