Our Italian Winery

... Passion, patience, love, sensitivity, determination, fantasy. 

Our Mission

"Wine making is an art in itself but not just any kind of art. It is an art which does not require only know-how but also loads of passion, love, sacrifice, patience, sensitivity and fantasy. It is essential to have a solid tradition and strong enological culture. This art cannot be merely learned, it is something innate. It is an emotion, and like everything that springs from the heart, it becomes a light for the mind, a scent and an enthusiasm for the life through the transformation of the grapes into wine." - Chiara, Anna and Antonio 

SYLTBAR Vineyard Territory

The Brisotto Family 

The story of San Simone is linked to the territory. At Rondover, between Prata and Porcia, in the most western part of Doc Friuli Grave and central part of DOC Prosecco, the company San Simone is the result of winemaking tradition and culture of our family, which is engaged in the business of wine grower for four generations. We chose the name San Simone for our wines and wine cellar in the memory of our origins. The very first and historic headquarter was in fact situated in via San Simone, Prata, opposite the fourteenth century church devoted to San Simone, where our great-grandfather decided to begin his activity which is now been converted into a family residence.  

Many changes have taken place over time.  But one thing which has not changed is our value system.  

Values: responsibility towards the reality in which we work, passion for work and transparency in our working system. These are the values which are timeless.

Green Project 

Green Project LogoGreen Project is a set of actions, behaviors and procedures that we put forward to contribute to the environmental sustainability of our business, respecting the existing territorial balance. It is only a segment of a broader concept - "Social liability" that has always guided our family in shaping their line of work: with maximum respect for the communities in which our company operates, suppliers, consumers, customers, land, local cultural heritage.

Respect for Environment

  1. Thanks to Stevenson screens (instrument shelter) we have cutdown treatments in vineyards.
  2. We are now harvesting 3 disease-resistant varieties. These varieties are the result of numerous crossings between different species of vines, selecting and reproducing the individuals that best develop resistance.
  3. To eliminate the use of chemicals as far as possible we have introduced alternative techniques such as the correct use of copper and sulphur (allowed in organic farming) and the use of beneficial insects in our vineyards including the method of "reproductive confusion". This is a biological method for combatting harmful insects by limiting reproduction through the use of pheromones ("reproductive scents" which prevent the harmful male insect from finding and fertilizing the female).
  4. Meticulous and constant care of the plant ensures excellent ventilation and a phytosanitary protection for the bunches of grapes. The grassing over of the land has protected it from erosion and the planting of plants rich in nitrogen has eliminated the need of fertilizers.
  5. Some of our vineyards are under organic certification process. 
  6. Grassing of vineyards in order to create habitat for beneficial insects.
  7. 3.000 sq. m. of woods to recreate areas of development for the traditional trees of our territory.

SYLTBAR Premium Wines Elimination of chemical weed by implementing only mechanical processing in the rows; we use only organic fertilizers with agronomic technique of green manure, in alternative rows and traditional grassing.
Reduction of solid wastes by using lightweight bottles; biological treatment plant for waste waters through Mbr technique in order to decrease the accumulation of sludge; tangential filter instead of fossil flour filter.
Energy saving thermal insulation is done for wine vats, to protect them from sunlight.
Water saving by limiting the use of water only in necessary operations; our vineyards do not require irrigation, even in the driest of years.
Reduction of emission and air & water pollution by photovoltaic panels installed on the cellar roof, timely maintenance of the machines and waste-water treatment plant.
Behavior and procedures: all employees are required to engage in consistent behaviors under GREEN PROJECT in all the activities related to their job, including staff training on the environmental issues and security measures.

Green Project is one of our winery initiative, but it would be fantastic to have this kind of project on the territory not as a mere marketing tool, but as a collective as well as personal gratification. We must all be environmental conscious simply to help stem the damage done to the ecosystem and it is clear that it has to be addressed on territorial level. To reduce environmental impact, one cannot limit itself only to its personal space.