SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco Double Magnum - Mr Big (3 liters)

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Pop open a bottle of SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco for a taste of the trendy beach lifestyle of SYLT. Tantalizing bubbles with a refreshing finish, one sip and you’ll be transported to memories of sandy beaches, light sea spray, and rolling waves. Each delicious drop is captured in our uniquely bottle.

Each specially made Double Magnum bottle is presented in a distinctive SYLTBAR wood case. It is the perfect gift that is sure to make a statement. Compare SYLTBAR with your favorite Sparkling Wine and decide for yourself which is better. Produced in Italy.

  • Naturally-produced Sparkling Prosecco Brut from Friuli, Italy
  • 100% Glera Grape
  • 49 calories per 6oz glass, very low on carbs (avg. calorie count by glucose level)
  • Flavors of pear, golden apple, white peach and lemon
  • Bubbles are delightful, well-balanced, clean, clear, crisp and refreshing
  • Great for Parties!
  • Try it as an aperitivo or during brunch, lunch or dinner, paired with seafood

Very Low Sugar Wine      Low Sulfite Wine     Vegan Sparkling Wines

  • 11.5% Alcohol Content
  • 3000ml (101.4oz) per bottle (Double Magnum / Jeroboam)
  • Double Fermentation, up to 4 months with only fruit sugar left
  • Enjoy in a white wine glass to enhance the flavor
  • Ideal serving temperature: 45-49 °F


Serving Size:
6 oz
Calories per Serving:
49 per 6 oz glass avg. calorie count/glucose level
Sugar / Glucose:
166mg / 100ml
0.030 g
0 g
0 g
Alcohol Content:
11.5% by vol
These values may vary marginally by bottle number and vintage because it is 100% naturally produced.

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