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  • SYLTBAR Prosecco 3000ml - Double Magnum
  • SYLTBAR PROSECCO 3000 ml (101.4oz) Double Magnum in Wood Case
  • SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco - Low Sugar

Celebrity & Customer Reviews

"The wine was delicious. Barbara had one large glass and I drank the rest of the bottle. And then, when I woke up at 3:00 AM, I did NOT have the normal alcoholic headache and racing pulse." -Alan Trustman (American screenwriter for The Thomas Crown Affair)

"Best prosecco ever. Guilt free, tastes great, I love it!" -Julie Wintsch

"It is crisp, clean, bubbly, and ever so smooth. The low carb count is a bonus." - SYLTBAR Customer


SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco Double Magnum - Mr. Big


Product Description

Pop open a bottle of SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco for a taste of the trendy beach lifestyle of SYLT. Tantalizing bubbles with a refreshing finish, one sip and you’ll be transported to memories of sandy beaches, light sea spray, and rolling waves. Each delicious drop is captured in our uniquely bottle.

Each specially-made Double Magnum bottle is presented in a distinctive SYLTBAR wood case. It is the perfect gift that is sure to make a statement. Compare SYLTBAR with your favorite Sparkling Wine to decide for yourself, which is better. Produced in Italy.

  • 100% Naturally produced Sparkling Prosecco from Friuli, Italy
  • 100% Glera Grape
  • 11.5% Alcohol Content
  • 49 calories per 6oz glass, very low on carbs
  • 3000ml (101.4oz) per bottle (Double Magnum / Jeroboam)
  • Double Fermentation, up to 4 months fermentation, only fruit sugar left
  • Great for Parties! 

no-added-sugar-small-35.png    no-added-sulfates-small-37.png    vegan-small-39.png

  • Flavors of pear, golden apple, white peach and lemon
  • Bubbles are delightful, well-balanced, clean, clear, crisp and refreshing
  • Enjoy in a white wine glass to enhance the flavor
  • Try it as an aperitivo or during dinner, paired with seafood for brunch or lunch
  • Ideal serving temperature: 45-49 °F

Product Videos

All about SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco 01:11

SYTLBAR, be happy, live healthy, drink SYLTBAR SYLTBAR sparkling products contain no added sulfites, no added sugar and is vegan. It is naturally produced by Italian winemaker san Simone, located in Friuli Italy, very close to Venice. Their winemaking process involves a 4-month fermentation period and uses 100% Glera grapes in the SYLTBAR Prosecco and 100% Merlot Grapes in the Sparkling Rose. Compared to many other producers who only have 85% Glera Grapes for their Prosecco and a Pinot Noir Grape blend for the Sparkling Rose. SYLTBAR is certified by the Miami Diabetes Research Institute to contain up to 4 times less glucose than competitor brands. The research also shows that SYLTBAR has the least amount of glucose in both the prosecco and sparkling rose. It means that while Mr. and Mrs. SYLTBAR have 49 and 63 calories per glass, competitor brands contain 100 to 160 calories. It’s clear, syltbar is the healthier choice Pick up your own bottle of SYLBAR at these locations nationwide. We’re also available in major restaurants across the country. What are you waiting for? Be happy, live healthy, drink SYLTBAR. Learn more about SYLTBAR on Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest:

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